It was always a big dream for me going to Brazil and when I went to Lisbon I met very kind people, two sisters from Brasília, one of them was working at an NGO in Lisbon. They told me so many nice stories about Brazil and convinced me finally to book the flight. Maria Eduarda helped me with choosing the destinations and told me of all the architectural sights I have to visit. Brasil is the paradise of modernist architecture in South Amerika.

Travlling one month in Brasil was surely not enough and I can´t wait to return to visit the rest of this beautiful country.

Rio de Janeiro

I chose Rio de Janeiro for my first destination. After I had a walk on the Copacabana I lusted for an adventure and I got lost with a friend I met and we walked into a pacific Favela. Because of bad reachability, the Favelas are always on the top of the mountains and give the best views over Rio.

Travel - Brasil - Rio de Janeiro

Porto Alegre

Coming from Florianopolis where I had a relaxing stay and some nice surfing sessions in praia Mole, I arrived in Porto Alegre. Porto Alegre is a city in the south of Brazil. It was not a very big surprise that I was not amazed by this city because I got already a warning but I still wanted to visit it and I found some nice places. I also visited the Fundação Iberê Camargo, designed by Álvaro Siza Vieira.

Travel - Brasil - Porto Alegre

Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is the biggest metro-pole in South America. The lifestyle here is like in a very modern European city mixed with a Latin flair and a tropical weather. In Sao Paulo I met Rayane, she showed me around and we passed a nice sunday together, exploring the city where she lives. Sao Paulo has a lot of cultural infrastructure as museums and art galleries it offers a more metropolitan life than Rio or Porto-Alegre.

Travel - Brasil - Sao Paulo


And finally I arrived in the city that was invented by Lúcio Costa and developed with Oscar Niemeyer in 1956. On my first day I took the bike and drove to the Plano Alto and was surprised that a modern city like Brasilia is not designed for bikes.

When I finally met Maria-Eduarda, who was my guide in Brasilia and gave me all the tips and contacts for Brasil, showed me the genius behind the city of Brasilia.

Travel - Brasil Brasilia