CRVC – Camelot Research and Visitor Center

The current building site of the CRVC is located on the hill where once the castle of Camelot was situated. In order to remember the legend from that era a monument was placed on top of the hill.

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That monument grants visibility of the different sights from the time of King Arthur and his knights or any other literary masterpiece from the Middle Ages.

This monument forms the central point of our design. The building holds on to the view shafts of the different historical points, such as Ham Hill or Alfred’s Tower.

The site development of the museum provides a chronological sequence through the story of Camelot.

Therefore, the visitor starts with the history of South Cadbury followed by the Legend and ends with Camelot today.

However, the visitors don’t only get an insight into the historical part, they also get the chance to have a look at the Research Center. It is located on the lower floor of the building and opens up with a gallery where the visitor can observe the working process of the Research Center.

The visitor center is divided into three main parts. To strengthen the three different parts we have designed three towers that stand above the Research Center. Simultaneously, they strengthen the view shafts by creating a channel.

An open–air theatre is available to watch performances of old knight stories. It can also be used for schools or any visitor groups.

Finally, the huge platform on top of the Research Center gives the visitor the chance to relax and enjoy the view over the whole Camelot area.

Architecture - CRVC