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design for a whisky distillery in lochranza, scotland


A new Whisky distillery in Lochranza Scotland could act as a visitor centre and attract tourism to this region. To accommodate guests, a hotel an hotel has also been designed according to the context of the distillery.

Lochranza is a harbour-village in the north of the Island Arran, about 40 km southwest from Glasgow.


The visitor centre includes a generous Lobby, the distillery, a warehouse and a restaurant. The sequence of the rooms and their functions is determined by the distillation process of the whisky, so that the visitor is chronologically guided through the art of whisky distillation.


The architectural design process was inspired by the traditional buildings, the pyramid-like vaults over the fermentation and distillery-rooms accompanied by the large rectangular structural shell these elements have been designed in a newer, modern way with state-of-the-art technical solutions.


The steel construction serves not only as static point of view but lends an industrial character to the whisky-distillery. CorTen Tiles on the roof, like an homage to the red copper kettles, used in the distillation-process, protect themselves from the saline sea-air.


After the visitor has had his impression of the art of whisky-destillation, he can taste some of the whisky’s accompanied by a regional dish at the restaurant. At the end of the visit, he can go down to the hotel, which is at the sea-level, where he can borrow a bike and start a nice discovery tour of the sites and historical treasures of the Island of Arran.


Used software: Rhinoceros Illustrator Cinema4d PhotoshopCC

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